Frequent Ask Questions

1. What is ManjaPay?
ManjaPay is a contactless payment that enables cashless payments and ticketing on-board buses via your smartphones. It uses the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to exchange data between payment devices and your smartphones to complete the payments.
2. Why should I use ManjaPay?
You will no longer need to carry cash or cards with you, just use your smartphone to complete all the payments.
3. What are the benefits of using ManjaPay account?
  • Easy, fast and convenient
  • Secure payment & credits
  • Up to 3% monthly rebate(except for UiTM Melaka)
  • Reward & promotion
  • *T&C Apply
4. Where can I use ManjaPay?
ManjaPay is currently available on the shuttle bus service at UiTM Melaka Alor Gajah Campus.
5. What device should I use to make the payment?
Currently, ManjaPay is supported by NFC ready Android phones only.
6. How to get started with ManjaPay?
  1. 1. Download LUGO App
  2. 2. Connect to �Manja� bot
  3. 3. Set up your ManjaPay account
  4. 4. Top-up up your ManjaPay account
  5. 5. Board the bus and tap your phone on the ManjaPay sticker until your e-ticket pops out.
* Please make sure the mobile data and Bluetooth of your phone are turned on during the payment process.
7. How to make the payment?
Unlock your phone and tap it on top the ManjaPay sticker until your e-ticket pops out. The e-ticket indicates your payment is successful. Please make sure the mobile data and Bluetooth of your phone are turned on during the process.
8. Do I need to tap out when I alight the bus?
No. You will only need to tap once while you board the bus, tapping out is not required here.
10. Where can I top-up my ManjaPay account?
You can top-up your ManjaPay account via the dashboard from LUGO App
12. How to check my transaction history?
  1. 1. Open LUGO App
  2. 2. Tap 'Messages' at the right end corner
  3. 3. Select 'Updates' under Manja
13. How do I check the Travel Credits (TCr) balance in my ManjaPay account?
  1. 1. Open LUGO App
  2. 2. Tap 'Manja' bot
  3. 3. Tap 'Manja Wallet'
* You will be able to view your ManjaPay account balance under the �My Wallet� page.
14. How are rebates credits to my account?
Rebates are based on the amount of travel credits deducted from the card on a monthly basis. By using the card on more bus ride, the deducted value will increase. The accumulated deduction of travel credits will determine the amount of rebate earned. (more details)
15. How I redeem my ManjaPay rebates?
Your rebate will auto credited to your ManjaPay account when you made a payment on the bus. You can also top-up your TCr ManjaPay account after the 15th of each month and get the rebate credited into your account. The amount of rebate is updated and issued on the 15th of every month. (more details)
16. Why do I need to tap if I get a free ride? (Cross border Bus at checkpoint)
Tapping the card ensures that the user is insured (passenger insurance) and as a proof of purchase upon inspection.
17. Does ManjaPay account has an expiry date?
Each ManjaPay account will remain activated for 6 months from the last top-up. After 6 months, users can still activate their expired accounts with any top-up action.
18. Can a ManjaPay account be used for multiple users?
No. Each account can only be used by one person at any one time.
19. Can I transfer my ManjaLink Card credits to ManjaPay account?
No. Credits transfer between accounts/cards is not allowed.
20. I want to cancel my ManjaPay account. Can get refund of my TCr balance in my account?
Yes, you can. Sign in to your ManjaLink account and report card lost/card cancellation. Cancel your ManjaPay account by completing a refund application online. Remaining TCr value in your account will be refunded to you. A non-refundable handling fee RM10 will be charged. Terms and conditions apply.
21. What shall I do if I have trouble using ManjaPay?
For general inquiries you may send your request to: