Frequent Ask Questions

1. Why do I need to register as a Manja member to use the reload card?
You need to go online to verify that you are the account holder and to gain access to the ManjaLink Travel Credit Reload Card features. You can also view your transaction online through your account.
2. How to register as a new Manja member?
Sign up in our website and register yourself by completing the necessary information needed in the registration form.
3. What will happen if I accidentally damaged the activation codes embedded at the ManjaLink Travel Credit Reload Card?
The ManjaLink Travel Credit Reload Card is already invalid. Therefore, it is recommended to lightly scratch off the protective ink on the card to reveal the activation codes.
4. How many attempts am I given to key in the activation code online?
Keying the activation codes online is up to 4 times. Once the given attempts is over, the system will automatically disable the reload feature for security reasons. Please call ManjaLink Customer Service for further assistance.
5. What to do when claiming for refund on the ManjaLink Travel Credit Reload Card?
A Manja member can claim a refund if purchased ManjaLink Travel Reload Card is proven faulty. The customer shall submit his/her purchased reload card to any of the ManjaLink Counters for assistance. Terms and conditions apply.
7. Why do I need to activate ManjaLink Card at the ManjaLink Self-service machine?
The ManjaLink Self-service machine transfer the cash value into Travel Credits (TCr) that is stored into your ManjaLink Card.
8. What if there is no response from the ManjaLink Self-Service machine after card tapping
Wait for a few seconds and tap it again, this could be due to internet connection. But if the ManjaLink Self-service machine has no response, go to the nearest ManjaLink Counters or call ManjaLink Customer Service for further assistance.
Note: To avoid interruption, please do not remove your ManjaLink Card immediately upon placing the card at the ManjaLink Self-service machine to complete the activation process.
10. Which ManjaLink Counter/shop has an available 24 hours Self-service machine?
a. CIQ 1st Link- Johor Bahru
b. JB Sentral- Ground Floor
c. CIQ 2nd Link- BSI Mart ( Point Shop)
11. How can I check my TCr balance?
You can check your TCr balance through the following methods:
a. By tapping your travel card to our ManjaLink Self-service machine
b. Message panel of the bus card validator machine
c. LUGO Mobility App
d. Through our website: (More details)
12. How is my TCr balance being updated?
All data that were collected under your ManjaLink Account will be updated on the next day.
13. How will the Self-service Kiosk convert SGD card from RM Card?
The conversion of SGD and RM ManjaLink Travel Credit Reload card is based on currency rate for Malaysian Ringgit and Singapore Dollar. (More details)