Frequent Ask Questions

1. What is ManjaLink card?
ManjaLink Card is a contactless smart card that stores travel credits for payments on Causeway Link buses. ManjaLink enables cashless payments and ticketing on-board buses.
2. Where to use ManjaLink card?
ManjaLink card can be used at all Causewaylink cross border bus (to and from Singapore) and selected local bus 10B, 7B, 77B, 777B.
3. Where can I buy ManjaLink card?
ManjaLink Card is available at all ManjaLink Counters in Johor Bahru & Singapore. (More details)
4. How much is ManjaLink card cost?
Each ManjaLink Card is priced at RM30.60. The price covers a non-refundable card cost of RM10.60 and a stored value of RM20.
5. Where can I top up ManjaLink card?
ManjaLink card can be top up at ManjaLink Counters in Johor Bahru & Singapore. Top up service is also available at selected Point Shop and Caltex Taman Daya. Online top up is also available on Lugo Apps and ManjaLink website. (More details)
6. What if I have insufficient balance in my card?
You may pay by cash when you board the bus and bus fare will be charged based on latest boarding point. i.e.: First tap at JB CIQ successful. Second tap at Woodlands checkpoint (to Queen Street) failed, customer need to pay by cash SGD3.50 (Woodlands checkpoint - Queen Street).
7. What if I forget to top up my ManjaLink card and no Travel Credit is available?
You may pay for the bus fare with cash when boarding up the bus.
8. Why do I need to register my ManjaLink card?
By registering your ManjaLink Card, you are able to view your transaction history and protect your travel credits in case of loss of card or theft.
10. How do I check the Travel Credits (TCr) balance in my ManjaLink card?
The balance in your ManjaLink Card will be displayed in both ManjaLink Self-service machine and to the message panel of the bus card reader when you tap your card on the bus.
11. How are rebates credited to my ManjaLink card?
Rebates are based on the amount of travel credits deducted from the card on a monthly basis. By using the card on more bus ride, the deducted value will increase. The accumulated deduction of travel credits will determine the amount of rebate earned. (More details)
12. How do I redeem my ManjaLink card rebates?
Go to any ManjaLink Self-service machine and tap your rebate into your card. You can also top-up your TCr balance after the 15th of each month and get the rebate credited into your ManjaLink card. The amount of rebate is updated and issued on the 15th of every month. (More details)
13. Is there any expiry of the rebates?
The unredeemable accumulated rebate expires on 14th day of the every month (30 days to redeem). There is no expiry date for redeemed rebates.
14. I want to cancel my ManjaLink card. Can I get refund of TCr balance in my card?
Yes, you can. However, you must be an online registered user. Cancel your ManjaLink card by completing a refund application online. Remaining TCr value in your card will be refunded to you. A non-refundable hanling fee RM10 will be charged. Terms and conditions apply.
15. What if the bus I was on were broke down? Should I tap again when I board the replacement bus?
Yes. You should tap again when you board the replacement bus. This is to ensure you have paid your previous ride. The system will detect that you have already paid for your trip, and you will not be deducted again. The screen panel will show “Free Ride” when tapped again.
16. Why do I need to tap if I get a free ride? (Cross border Bus at checkpoint)
Tapping the card ensures that the user is insured (passenger insurance) and as a proof of purchase upon inspection.
17. What do I do if my ManjaLink card is lost or stolen?
Customer needs to fill up the Cancellation Form on ManjaLink Website to report for lost card. That is why it is important to register your card online.
18. Can I get a refund of the TCr balance if my ManjaLink card is faulty?
Yes, you can get a refund of remaining TCr balance in your ManjaLink card. The application for refund is as described above. (Question 14)
19. Do I need to tap in and out when board and alight the bus?
For Malaysia LOCAL bus routes (except 666 & 52T) you need to TAP IN (WHEN BOARDING) and OUT (WHEN ALIGHTING) to avoid wrong fare deduction.

For CROSS BORDER (to and from Singapore) you need to TAP IN ONLY when boarding the bus (including when re-boarding the bus at checkpoints). If you tap out (when alighting), you will get overcharged.
20. What if I tap in but did not tap out in local bus routes?
You will be charged full fare of the routes.
T11 – RM2.90
T33 - RM3.40
T40 - RM4.10
F100 – RM1.80
7B - RM4.00
77B - RM4.00
777B - RM5.00
21. Will I be disadvantage if I top up in Singapore Dollars?
Not at all; because both deductions in SGD and top-ups in SGD are ultimately converted back to Travel Credits at the same exchange rate, the difference between topping up in Ringgit and SGD is very marginal. Exchange rate is updated every month and you will be notified through email. Terms and conditions apply.
22. I am charged SGD4 when I board at Jurong East, how will this change when I pay with ManjaLink card?
You will be paying at the exchange rate which is displayed at the counter e.g. if the exchange rate being utilized is 3.0, 12.0 TCr (4SGD x 3.0) will be deducted instead.
23. What should I do if I have queries about my transactions?
You can send your questions to and we will get back to you regarding your query.
24. Can a ManjaLink card be used for multiple users?
No. A card can only be used by one person at any one time.
25. Does my ManjaLink card have an expiry date?
Each ManjaLink card will remain activated for 6 months from the last top-up. After 6 months, users still can proceed to any of our ManjaLink counters to activate their expired cards with any top-up action.
27. What is the benefits of using ManjaLink?
- Easy, fast and convenient
- Register online & protect your credit
- Up to 23% cheaper compare to cash fare (selected route only)
- Up to 3% monthly rebate (cross border & connecting bus routes)
- Reward & promotion
For more information refer to
28. Do ManjaLink card offer special rate for senior citizen, student and OKU?
Currently ManjaLink card only have one fare which is adult fare. (Special rate for senior citizen, student and OKU will be coming soon)