Travel Credits

Travel Credits (TCr.) are value stored in your card, which can be used for payment of bus trips on Causeway Link Buses. Credit will be added into your card when you top-up using any one of reload method which will entitle you to travel credits

Travel Credits can be purchased/ reload with value as tabulated
When you RELOAD RM You'll GET
300 300 TCr
150 150 TCr
100 100 TCr
50 50 TCr
When you RELOAD SGD You'll GET
100 332 TCr
50 166 TCr
30 99.6 TCr
20 66.4 TCr

  • These are indicative exchange rates only and are subject to change according to fluctuations.
  • The rates given here is meant only as a guideline.
  • New currency exchange rate will be updated to members through newsletter and displayed at all customer service counter.