Manjalink Card

Your ManjaLink membership allows you to enjoy the benefits as followings:
Easy, Fast & Convenient
Store travel credits in card and no cash is involved in each transaction. Tap every time when you board UP the bus. No hassle of carrying enough change just to pay the correct fare.
Save More
Lower bus fares for selected ManjaLink Bus routes.
Earn ManjaLink rebate up to 3%. The more you tap, the more travel credit rebate you may earn.
Special Promotion
Special member promotions are conducted from time to time.
Credit Protection
The stored value will be refunded to you at the point of your card being blacklisted/ at the point of card expiry.
Earn and Redeem
Earn rewards points and redeem product/ service from Manja Rewards merchant.
Flash Card Promotion
Flash Card Promotion Up to 20% at selected outlets.

At ManjaLink, we believe in beneficial relationships. Success is a universal goal that can be attained with the right partnership. Being a partner of ManjaLink ensures public visibility unlike any other.

Customized Design ManjaLink Card

ManjaLink cards, can be customized to become special and limited edition cards. Such specially created design are made for a more creative branding and reach to potential target audience. Currently, we have 4 different designs, one of which is our very own ManjaLink card.

Choose Your Preferred Card

Manjalink Card Design

Customised ( Limited Edition Cards )

Doraemon Card Design - Blue

Doraemon Card Design - Yellow

Tertiary Card Design

MBJB Card Design